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It's important to have a regular maintenance schedule for your vehicle. Proper maintenance will prevent costly repairs of the transmission, engine, and other crucial components. Overall it help extend the life of your vehicle, saves you money and increases your safety on the road.



Every vehicle regardless of make and model need consistent oil changes to increase the performance and lifespan of your vehicle. Our techs will help you determine the type of oil and frequency of service you need for your vehicle milage. 


Brakes are one of the most crucial car components for safety. You will want to bring your vehicle in when you notice a decrease in break performance. Your trusted tech will check break pads and rotors, flush your break fluid, and replace or upgrade break parts so your break system can function at optimal performance.


Wiper blades should be replaced every 6 months to a year. If your wipers are reducing your visibility on the road or are streaking, skipping or squeaking then it may be time for a replacement. Schedule your maintenance appointment today so our tech can inspect your wipers and replace windshield wiper fluid as needed!

      TUNE UPS


A tune-up includes a comprehensive assessment of your vehicles engine components. Typical tune up services include spark plugs replacement, oil change, checking belts and hoses, and filter replacements. Bring your vehicle in every six months for your tune up.  


Tire rotation and balancing is a crucial maintenance step to help extend the life of your tires. It will ensure that the tread of your tires will wear out evenly over time. This extends the interval time of tire replacement which will help you save money in the long run.


Your air filters should be checked every year or after every 15,000 miles for maximum efficiency. Dirty or damaged filters reduces air flow to the engine. Filter replacement prolongs the lifespan of your engine which can save you money as well.
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